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The sisal was forced to wear into the hunter world’s beating the enemy Hakka family, and finally got out of it and tragically crossed to the orc world.

Calm, he immediately accepted the reality and chose the weakest orc as his partner.

Working hard to tune-in the days when he was teaching his partner, he discovered that the storage space he brought with him actually had pregnancy stones? !

Okay, everyone, get pregnant together~

Author: Allen, your sisal calls you to go home and have a baby~~~

Actually, this is just a little white joke with a genuine skin…

In the end, any similarity is purely coincidental.

1. The main attack in this article, there is one counterattack.
2. Have children. Help from the Pregnancy Stone (Source: Full-time Hunter, Island of Greed)
3. Both attack and receive are pregnant.
4. There is Gug, please understand

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