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Jiang Zicheng has had supernatural powers since he was a child. As long as he looks at a person (or animal), he will have three chances to see the future of this person.
With this ability, he is in the entertainment circle like a fish in water, avoiding countless risks.

The first movie he starred in was a niche literary film, and he was upset and won the Golden Lion Award for the best movie.
Optimistic film and television projects could not attract investment, so he went to the racetrack and took back a lot of cash.
Wan Piao invested in a restaurant. Within two years, there were branches all over the place and he made a lot of money.

One day, at a dinner party, Jiang Zicheng met a boss in the circle who was also his future boss.
Look at each other…
……what? ? ? In the future he saw, why would he kneel under the suit and trousers of the boss and beg him to let him go?


Instructions for the use of predictive ability:
1. Need to look at each other for ten seconds
2. What you see is random
3. Each person/animal can only predict his/her/its three futures
4. Unable to activate the ability through the lens (including contact lenses, cosmetic lenses)

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